Parent Reviews of our preschool

Below are a few of the latest comments written by parents.

Thank you all so very much for all you have done for —– to teach, care for, look after and inspire her.  Thank you for helping her to love learning.

We can hardly believe that —- is about to start school and is now so very grown up.  It doesn’t seem possible.  What a vast difference three years at preschool has made to her.  —-has had a great time which has given her a great foundation for the future.  She has said that she miss all the Teachers and friends.  We know that she will always look back very fondly and happily at her time here.  It is a very emotional last day for us all!  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

—began preschool with a very shy and timid attitude towards other children and adults.  Since attending here he has come on leaps and bounds and his confidence has rocketed.  There is a very warm atmosphere for all the staff who are easy to talk to.  There have been lots of opportunities to talk about his progress too.

Elm Park Baptist Church Playgroup has definitely played a huge part in preparing —for reception.  Thank you.

Elm Park Baptist Church Playgroup has been a great experience for my son.  His progress in the past two and a half years has been amazing and I feel the setting meets all of his physical, emotional and developmental needs.  Teachers – your hard work and continuous support is noted and highly appreciated.  Thank you for everything.


A great setting with great opportunities for the children.

—will miss everyone



To all my Teachers

Thank you for making Preschool so much fun.

Looking forward to starting back in September again.



I don’t think there are many early years settings that have a team of staff like this one has, great communication and dedication


I have always felt included in activities and kept up to date with things ie folder reviews.  All the Teachers are friendly and approachable and I trust them completely with my child / children.

The level of support shows on my child’s face everyday when he leaves preschool to come home.  He has become so much more confident.



I am so happy I chose this preschool for —-.  She struggles to settle in new environments but the staff were all fantastic in helping her settle.  She now very much enjoys going in every day.  I am really pleased with the progress —- has made and how it has helped her prepare for school.


All staff have been very supportive, friendly and approachable.  There are always a nice range of activities set up which meet individual needs.  I’ve really enjoyed “parents’ events” like parties, stay and play sessions and parents morning to look at their folders.



To All the Teachers

Thank you for so much for taking care of ——.  She really has come so far in these 7 months.  Thank you for making me feel at ease when I leave her with you.  Have a lovely summer!




To All my Teachers . .

I love preschool so much! Thank you for being my Teachers.


Thank you for being —‘s KeyTeacher and guiding her in an encouraging way!  This will definitely have a positive impact on —-‘s future education and life skills.



To all my Teachers

Thank you for all of your support over the last year.  I had lots of fun!

Looking forward to seeing you all again in September.



Thank you all so much for all the hard work and effort that you have put in with —.  Both —– and I are going to miss this place!


Thank you for all the fun things.  Thank you for everything.  I’ve really enjoyed using the website to follow the activities my daughter has been doing.  It is so up-to-date.  THANK YOU!



To all my Playgroup Teachers

Thank you for looking after me and teaching me.  I’m going to miss you all.



To all the Teachers at Elm Park Baptist Church Playgroup

I will miss you loads.


To all you amazing Teachers

Thank you all so much for your help and —–‘s development.

Forever grateful


To all my Teachers at EPBCP

Thank you for all your love and care with —– over the past 18 months.  He will miss you greatly!

We will be back in January with another brother to keep you on your toes!

Lots of Love



Thank you all so, so much for being so lovely and looking after me, caring for me – and teaching me so much.  Thank you for EVERYTHING!  I will miss you all so much!  I have had a fantastic three years with you. 

Lots of love, hugs and kisses


To all the wonderful Teachers at Elm Park Baptist Church Playgroup.

Thank you so much for providing such a friendly, supportive and nurturing environment for ——- to flourish.  We have seen her come on in leaps and bounds since she joined you and she cannot wait to join her next school thanks to the experience she has had at EPBCP.  We will miss you all.  Thank you!



Thank you for everything you have helped me achieve since September when I joined.  Since the first day I have loved every minute of preschool and made some great friends.

Preschool has helped me grow into my cheeky personality and I’m going to miss all my Teachers.

A special thank you to Teacher _____ who has been the best KeyTeacher with such a loving and kind heart who I will always talk about and remember. 




To all the Teachers

Thank you so much for looking after my children over the past five years.  I can’t believe I have walked through the doors for the final time.

I have always known they are totally safe in your hands and haven’t worried once.

They have become such confident children, full of fun and interested in everything.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


We are so pleased we chose this pre-school for our children.

The toys both inside and outside are so much fun.  I have enjoyed all the parents’ stay and plays, nativity, sports and party days where I have been able to watch.  I have always felt totally involved through letters, theme charts and parents’ mornings.

Thank you!

We will miss you all so much

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